Ok. So. Guess what just happened. You know the game Va-11 Hall-a? Yeah, so, I was playing it for the first time, right? finished the tutorial and first day and stuff, you know? but THEN. You're not gonna fucking guess what happens. Maybe you will. But what happened is. I looked at the shop, right? and I see it. "Alex Figurine". "Who's Alex?" I think to myself. I click to see what the flavor text says and lo and behold. ALEX YIIK. FROM YIIK. Y2K. YIIK: A POST-MODERN RPG. I hate this fucking game so much. AND IT'S HERE? YIIK? ALEX EGG "LE" SON FROM YIIKED? HE IS. WHY IS HE HERE. THIS GAME FOLLOWS ME FUCKING EVERYWHERE I GO. I CANNOT ESCAPE IT. Take this as a warning.

19/11/2022 UPDATE: FUCK!!!!